Unlock Leadership Power w/ 3 Keys!

Power?  With the events we’ve encountered over of the past few years, I’m not sure how many folks were “feeling the power!” My guess is that there were many who often felt powerless.  What about Leadership?  How often during those times may we have had the feelings of being lost—looking for someone to lead us out of a crazy, uncertain time and offer hope for a more stable and predictable future.  

Here we are, more than halfway through 2022, navigating what I’ll call the “next normal,” because all signs suggest that we will continue to experience growing in and out of changing times.  That requires some serious attention to how one can unlock their leadership power and help others do the same. 

First, let’s dispel the notion that “leadership” is reserved for a select few based on position or title.  Every employee has the potential to serve as a leader when defined as the ability to influence, inspire, and encourage in the spirit of collaboration to achieve some common goal. 

Consider these 3 strategies:

So how do we unlock this leadership power?

  1. Unlock your Power of Communication

Communication is a powerful skill!  It is more than just saying the right thing, it is conveying messages that are consistently clear and cohesive; using engaging words, a positive tone of voice, and non-verbals expressions (body language) that align with the message.  Remember: Actions speak louder than words!   Unlock your Power of Communication by ensuring that your words, tone of voice, and non-verbals all communicate the same message.

Active listening is the heart of effective communication!  We hear what is said, but do we always choose to listen? Yes, listening is a choice! Often, we chose to tune out the person who is speaking for a variety of reasons (i.e. think we know where they’re going, don’t feel there is any value to what is being said, distracted by other thoughts, preparing to respond, etc.)  The quickest way to unlock active listening is to stay focused, ask questions to understand, and clarify your understanding of what has been said.

2. Unlock your power of Adaptability

Adaptability is demonstrated by one’s capacity and readiness to tackle change in an effective manner.  Change is inevitable and is often unforeseen. This requires a shift in behavior that is exemplified by flexibility and resilience.

Unlock your power of adaptability by questioning your approach to change by keeping an open mind, accepting the unknown, and focusing on how you can change your mindset; not the situation!

3. Unlock the power in your Heart

Yes, your heart is the heart of leadership!!! It’s all about leading with compassion. Emotional Intelligence continues to move to the forefront of critical leadership skills.  A diverse work environment, remote workers, shifting team dynamics; the list grows as the workplace evolves.  We are challenged to not only examine our own emotions and how they impact others, but also being in tune with those of others that we interact with. 

Unlock the power in your heart by focusing your attention on others and being present in your interactions, learn to effectively respond to different communication styles of others, and empathize with others by seeking to understand and acknowledging how they are feeling. 

In these changing times, what will you do to unlock your leadership power and help others do the same?  Just think of the possibilities that could positively impact your interactions with others and your organization!

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